I was dancing in a club with a few of my SLU friends and one of them was wearing the most adorable fur trimmed outfit. I asked her where she got it and she said she made it! O.O She gave me a landmark so last night I decided to check out her shop.I already have a few fur pieces (I won't wear it IRL... so I indulge in SL). I snatched up a couple more and totally fell in love with this Cloak.

I matched it up with a dress from ::bijou:: and a choker from PrimCision and all I can say is.. wow..

Nameless (by Mocksoup Graves)
Nameless 2 (by Mocksoup Graves)

The cloak was about 200L and I got a capelet too. I will be going back for some hats once the first snow hits here! I feel so regal!

*no pixelated furry creatures were harmed in the making of this post*
Cloak 'ON Czarina Black Sable Fur Cloak slurl.com/secondlife/Ookami%20Ningen/126/193/31
Hair: ETD Natasha- Copper
Skin: Domestic V- Aube Noire Skin- REd- Force De Vie Collection
Nails: Pixel Mode Sculpted Nails French Manicure
Shoes: ALB Audrey Pumps By AnaLee Balut
Dress: ::bijou:: Meteo [Brown]
Gloves: ALB Audrey Skirt set
Choker: PrimCision Ravished

Cecile Milena kindly gave me the heads up on this great new full avatar in the lucky chair at Rezzable's Carnival of Doom. Named Ink Spore, the set includes the super cute outfit, cotton candy pink hair, skin with matching makeup, shape (not worn here), prim belt, legwarmers, flower jewelry and rounded toe boots. It manages to look both cute and edgy, in a Blade Runner meets Sanrio way. For the early holiday shoppers, Carnival of Doom is also having a weeklong sale.

SL isn't cooperating with my dream of giving you a gorgeous picture, but don't let that stop you from heading to the super sale going down at the BelleStar Pixeldolls shop. A great shop for catching a bargain, the shop also offers a lucky chair and gift cards with every purchase. Your taxi awaits HERE. Don't delay, however--my tipster said it might end as early as noon SLT.

Bianca and Mairead ..

... just made my day.

Look at this exquisitely designed ensemble fit for an elegant equestrienne. The details
are simply gorgeous right down to the smallest details. It will only be available until
11 am SLT today so you don't want to miss out on this one because it will be sold for
200L after 6 hours.

And if that's not enough to make my inventory giddy, Bianca Foulon is giving a free skin
to all her group members. So yeah, Mondays aren't so bad after all.

Skin: Porcelain by BIANCAF. (Group Gift)
Outfit including Boots and Belt: PRIM&PIXEL PARADISE 
(Mini Hunt and will only be available for a very limited time)
Hair: ETD (30L)

Eva Boots

How would you like to own not just one but two Dalmations?

No, I'm not talking about the dogs but these free Dalmation Boots from
Get them now before they're gone. Huge shout out to Tree Muircastle for
letting me know. You rock, girl!

Wimsy Preview Skins

New Skin Preview (1L)

New Skin Preview 2 (5L)

Black is Back

RUBY HALLOWEEN from TRUTH (past Ghost Busters Hunt)
TIFFANY STUD from FLIRT (past Jewelry Expo Gift)
Jewelled Collar:
BAIASTICE (part of Big Bolero Outfit from past Ghost Busters Hunt)
Wrist Wrap:
Past gift from DRACONIC KISS

The boys are working hard at ALTA MODA and getting some major work out carrying boxes and boxes of stuff over to 

these moving trucks. The store is moving to another location soon so they're packing up and leaving.

But, don't panic just yet. You have 2 days to catch them and grab the boxes before they 
can get away.

Catch them HERE.

Elated Again

I'm a bit busy trying to live 2 lives at the moment, real life and SecondLife seem
to be competing for my attention and RL is winning just a tad. But that doesn't
mean these fabulous outfits won't find their way to the Bargain Bin.

As a matter of fact, I managed to snag this charming yellow dress from ELATE!
and I braved the lag to get some super nice hair and a few pairs of shoes from
ETD (I know their 30L sale will be on until Dec 26 but patience is not exactly my
strongest suit).

The green metallic tights are past freebie from Viva La Glam and I'm sorry but I
could no longer remember where I got my other accessories from (major senior 
moment!) but try checking back and I'll see if I could rummage through my messy
inventory to check where I got them from. I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Hair: ETD (30L Sale)
Top: ZAARA (Not Free)
Jeans: VIVA LA GLAM (Not Free)
Boots: DELA (Not Free)
Belt: SNATCH (Free)

Pretty In Pink


Obscenely Vampy

Skin - GANESHA from THE OBSCENE (Opening Gift)
Hair - JOLLEEN from ETD (1L)
Outfit - RED FEATHERS from PERSONA (past Retrology Hunt)

Green is in

Skin: ROCKBERRY (Group Gift)
Hair: TRUTH (From past GhostBuster hunt)
Outfit: AOHARU (Free until today only!)
Boots: AOHARU (Lucky Chair)

I was digging in my inventory for a pair of jeans and I ran across a pair called [Decoy] Genesis 10 in Dark Rust. I had forgotten how nice they were! So in the spirit of shopping adventure, I decided to head over to look for a shirt, and saw this jacket. The heavens opened, my jaw dropped and I went squeee! *okay, so only the last part happened* The textures are done by hand and not just a yellowy color that many designers try to pass off as gold. It is rich and metallic and lovely!It is on both a shirt and jacket layer and it comes in 6 different colors (don't quote me I was taken in by the gold one and mostly ignored the rest) with both white and jacket colored collar/belt. Because I am not the biggest fan of middrift baring clothes,I matched it with sashes from *PERSONA* in both burnt gold and white.


I am SO not taking this off today.

Skin DV-02- Erin-2008
Eyes: [ND]Paris EyesII Forbidden Blue
Pants: [Decoy] Genesis 10- Dark Rust
Top:[Decoy] Margeux Gold Jacket
Boots: >TRUTH< Bootielicious [chocolate]
Hair: >TRUTH< Elizabeth 2- Brownie
Socks: Maitreya Slouch socks Softs3
Sash: *PERSONA* Helena Sashes- Fatpack in Burnt Gold

Go with the PHLOW

Looking for more hunts? 

There's one going on right now that's requires very little effort.

No grid hopping.

Just an easy sashay around the fabulous store.

These outfits in all these pictures are the fruits of my sweeping labor. 

Go with the PHLOW.. the hunt is still on.

These babies won't be available for long so hurry!

Dash over to GBBERISH, join group and walk home with
these charming pair of boots!

Pic 1 - Armidi
Pic 2 - Maitreya
Indyra Originals
White Ankle Boots:
Bax Coen

Vain Ghosts 2

What is your deepest fear? 

Well, besides having a bad hair day 

or being chased by relentless pumpkins all day long.

Are you scared you might go insane after doing so many hunts? And be confined

to a padded room with no shopping privileges?

Or maybe you're terrified of having that recurring nightmare where you get axed in broad daylight while gloriously clad in a fabulous designer gown? Because in that gruesome dream, you were swimming in a pool of blood and before passing out from excruciating pain, a ginormous spider casually comes strolling by, sees you lying fashionably helpless, come crawling nearer and nearer..then the spider opens it's frothy mouth....

..... and says:

"Dammit woman, must you waste tasty pumpkins for the sake of hair ornaments?".

At this point, you wake up to the smell of something delicious wafting from the kitchen. Pumpkin soup, anyone?

Vain Ghosts 1


I was grid hopping and trying to take a break from the many hunts hounding my inventory when I found these dollarbies.

They're cute. And sassy.

And like the ads say, just a dollarbie.

On the Ghostbusters Hunt I ran across a store called Frozen Turquoise Valentine and I made a note to come back when I had more time. I had seen a satellite shop earlier at the Wickford Village on a hunt. My friend Ann is a HUGE fan of the color teal, and this store is covered in it!

I saw this outfit and it was just jawdropping!So I had to snag it. The price tag wasn't tooooo incredibly painful.Then of course I didn't have any shoes that I felt were perfect for it, so I wound up getting the Bax Ankle boots in Patent leather...over at ALB That smarted a bit.. *grins*

All in all a VERY smart and elegant outfit that I am happy to be caught dead in! :)

[ND]Paris EyesII Forbidden Blue
Hair: *TRUTH* Chelsea- Blood
Skin: Domestic V- 02 Electric-2008
Outfit: Frozen Turquoise Dream- Garden Drama
Shoes: BAX Ankle Boots in Patent Leather

There are outfits that look better worn than seen on posters. 

This is one of them. And it's a discounted price!

ALB Summer Set (50L)

only for 3 days!

Get it HERE.

It's green.
It's gorgeous.
It's out now!
October Group Gift (1L)


Gangsta Outfit (Profile Picks Gift)
including white shoe worn on left foot.
Chucks Blood (Group Gift)
and that would be my right shoe.

I ran across this little number while freebie hunting with Frejya and just HAD to have it.
It is "Kirei" by Orchid Dreams. The texturing is amazing. The slacks are a golden brocade and the wrap top comes versions both light and dark versions. I picked up a few other pieces while there, but this one keeps me coming back. Dressy yet Casual and goes perfectly with my Eat Sushi! earrings from Talisman! The shoes are the Balmoral Pumps (were freebies!) in Green Tea..and I paired it with the Enamored Choker and Cuffs from Talisman. My default Montague (TRUTH) in Dark Choco goes great but if I wanted to go a bit more casual, a messier razor cut would make this pop!

Shoes: Balmoral Pumps In Green Tea
Hair: Montague in Dark Choco
Skin: Domestic V- Assorted
Domestic V
Eyes- Miriel Diamond (standard)
Outfit: Kirei by Orchid dreams
Orchid Dreams
Eat Me! Sushi Earrings
Enamoured Choker and Cuffs
True Enhance Gold III


Hair & Outfit - ORCHID DREAMS (25L)

Jewelry - ODE Butterfly Hunt (Blogged Here)

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