Maestro? Music please.

It's not everyday that you find something totally magnificent around the grid and today, I did. In my quest to find a really nice piano, I wandered around for a while and found my way to SATOKO INSTRUMENTS. As I was hovering over the many pretty things being sold at the store, my letter  came up in one of the 3 lucky chairs and that's how I got this beautiful violin. This baby comes with hud that lets you animate your avatar while music floats around you like a melodious cloud. 

Weekend Hippie

HAIR: W&Y (Free)
TOP: Cute and Q (Free)

A Lovely Mishmash

Have a good weekend!
BLUE TOP: Pink Outfitters Subscribe-O-Matic
BOLERO: Cupcake Halloween Hunt
SKIRT: Gbberish Group Gift


Hmm.. what to do today?

Roam the grid?

Nah. I think I'll just strike a pose.
Peace out!

SKIN: Curio Petal Breeze Sepia2
TOP AND PANTS: Kar'ona Valentine Gift
SNEAKERS: Line Group Gift
MESSENGER BAG: Snatch (Free)

exquisite Swan Hair Clip as a Group Gift today.... 

But wait! There's more!
All skins shown in this entry are part of the goody bag
this Group Gift also gives you a sneak peek of all the
new skins available from Curio. 

HAIR: Exile 

Mixin' It Up

Our show today will feature the art of mixing a semi-retro cocktail 
using 3 main ingredients for the drink.

Are you ready?
Ok. Here's what you will need:

Urban Mod Long-sleeved Top, Urban Mod Belt and just throw in the Silver Dream Flexi prim skirt into the mix. All these are from the heady mixture of LEMANIA INDIGO's creations. 

And ladies? Remember, this drink is shaken.. not stirred. Enjoy!

SKIN: Rockberry (VDay Kissed Hunt)
HAIR: Truth Ivy Brown
JEWELRY: Bastchild Adagio (Old Freebie)

Sweets, anyone?

OUTFIT: Sweeter Than Candy (Group Gift)
TIGHTS: Viva La Glam (Old Freebie)
HAIR: Abyss
SHOES: Shiny Things

G Fields Mini Hunt

I saw this outfit over at DING'S BLOG and I just had to have it!
You have to find super tiny brown bears at G FIELDS
to get these pretty pretty things like the ruffled top ( you could 
wear it with or without the ruffles ) and matching bracelets. And
if those aren't enough to make you want to do the mini-hunt, this
outfit comes with shoes!

And it's just a lucky coincidence that I was shopping over at TULI'S
where I chanced upon this colorable Sumi leggings that was just
the perfect complement to the ensemble.

Then, it's off to ::69:: to get hair.

Then I had to rummage through my messy inventory to find
this white belt from Mi.

Outfit including ruffled top, shoes and bracelets all
from the mini hunt at
LEGGINGS: *Sumi* (Free)
There's also a free Strappy Black Zebra Stilletos at *Sumi*!
HAIR: ::69::

Pink Sunday

OUTFIT: Momo (Group Gift)
HAIR: Line (Group Gift)
SOCKS: Momo (40L)
SHOES: 50Flats (Free)

Did you know?

.. a little birdie told me that LEMANIA INDIGO is having a
dollarbie spree?

I also heard those items will be gone forever shortly after.

So, what are you waiting for?

HAIR: Esse Black from Analog Dog (Free)


HAIR: Exile (Free)
GLOVES: Amrita (Free)
SHOES: Ztique

Simply Romi

A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

SKIN: Romi Juliesse (Group Gift #8)
HAIR: Detour
NECKLACE: Yak & Yeti (Free)


... somewhere in the grid.

I think the term in-world is ghosted.  Simply put, I can't log in the game for days on end because according to people on my list, they see me in the game when, in fact, I'm not really there.

Which explains to reason why I have not been able to update the blog for days now. Sorry, folks!

I have already sent a ticket. 

And I'm still waiting for any feedback.

If anyone knows another way to get me out of this mess, please feel free to leave a message.

DING, thanks for the shoes!! I got the notice through email and I can't wait to open that box!!!

A Mardi Gras!


Welcome to Anarchy!

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a week of events for MARDI GRAS!  There will be a week long hunt featuring items from our talented merchants.  Note: three pieces of Malkavian jewelry specially made by Talia Tokugawa of Primcision will be set out somewhere in the sim on Sunday, Feb 22.  These pieces are finders keepers.  (Don't worry, though, you can still find them for purchase inside Desolation/Grace)


A Bayou themed 7 Seas Fishing Competition and Party on the Docks begins at 12 pm SLT on Sunday, February 15th; dress in your overalls and straw hats!  500L will be given to the overall top winner of the fishing contest which will last an hour.

We'll host a Movie night on Friday, February 20th.  Please come by 7:00 pm SLT, we will start the movie at 7:10, to allow for any late comers.  As of the time of this note, the movie selection is as yet undetermined, though it will be New Orleans or Vampire themed, to be certain.

Saturday, Feb 21st at 7pm, the Malkavians will host a Formal Masked Ball in Anarchy Castle.  Appropriate attire is required.  

Join us for what will surely be a fun time for all!  We will keep you posted for added events.

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

Thank you
The Anarchy Malkavians

I Caught Pretty Fishies


All outfits free from


SKIN: lessthan3 (Group Gift)

All That Moxie

Never let it be said that I shun Valentine's Day.

As a matter of fact, I'm all red.  

Because red means go. 
And by go, I mean go to MOXIE POLANO's store and 
try your luck at their lucky chair HERE.

SKIN: Lovespell from Cupcakes (Group Gift)
HAIR: Stringer (Free from GridWide Hunt)

Romantic flapper?

Eclectic swish?

However way you put it... I just love it!

OUTFIT: Gigi Couture
HAIR: Yip with bangs from Analog Dog
SHOES: Ztique

.. and welcome to Lemania Indigo's flight to modern chic.

Nice shoes? Check. Style & color? Check.

Ooops, please check the weather. It might be raining clothes.

And come to think of it, this is one of those rare times I
hardly mixed an entire outfit with anything else. This ensemble
is definitely ready for take off.

SKIN: Romi Juliesse (Lucky Board)
HAIR: 69 (Group Gift)
OUTFIT AND SHOES: Lemania Indigo
GLOVES: Alatiel (Free)

From Lemania's top model, Tapika Tomsen, I got this news:
Cupid is on the loose and he is shooting arrows but seems to be missing everyone and they are landing everywhere!

A rain of arrows in place of love? Romance clearly isn't for the faint of heart. There's a happy ending, however --- over 100 of these arrows fell on Lemania's sim, and they're now filled with fun gifts from Lemania and other shopkeepers. Lemania has promised at least 50 gifts. Lemania Indigo Designs revealed some of the gifts to bloggers this week; I was struck by their creativity and generosity. You can see the "Gold Coins" arrow gift (bangle, belly rings, underwear, top, silks, and shoes) below.  Hunt is HERE.

(cheeky minx not included)

Her name is Tantryss Muircastle. 
But we call her Tree.

Mockie also calls her Bestie. Hence, the former being a
certified (and relentless) Tree Hugger since the latter
doesn't really mind.

I like her because:
She rocks.
She snorts (normal people laugh).
She's a poster child for Cool.
And she harassed someone into making a Freyja Gesture. 

And she doesn't mind posing. 
Nope, not one bit.

~On Tree~
OUTFIT: Ivalde Group Gift

~On Frey~
OUTFIT: Kuri Style (1L)
HAIR: Analog Dog
BOOTS: Truth Group Gift

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