I'm praying for inspiration to hit me like a ton of bricks. Then maybe, I'll go back to blogging everyone to oblivion.

Until then, my lovelies. Happy hunting!

One More Week

.. and I should have enough time to get this blog up and running again. 


What a mess!

I am in the process of migrating the majority of pictures on this blog to another server with bigger hosting capabilities. In the meantime, please bear with the mess.


Let's talk Skins.

St. Patrick's Day sprinkled a bit of luck my way by a different clover. I recently joined BEBAE Group for 50L and got 4 stunning skins. Two of my favorites are shown below.
Coral Coco and Coral Cinna, respectively.

I owe this big chunk of pretty pieces to TREE for sending the limo when my letter came up. Thanks, gorgeous!

Before I continue rhapsodizing about the person behind MECHANIZEDLIFE , let me give you a peek of the camera hud she invented. I took a picture wearing the hud that comes with the gadget and below is the result. The amazing thing about it is that it's easy to use and it comes with many different options. An idiot proof gadget with options? An absolute winner in my book.

[14:00]  Freyja Brim: It takes a lot of patience to make/do scripts ... and excuse the double standard but this is usually a man's turf because women just don't have enough patience and analytical prowess for stuff like that.

This was where we left off, right? That moment where BASTI had to pause the interview for a glass of water. And that same moment where I spent a bit of time twiddling my thumb while worrying if that remark sounded too sexist. And this was how she fielded the question, gracefully at that.

[14:00]  CodeBastard Redgrave: False. It's all a question of focus and motivation. The ex-owner of MechanizedLife is a girl, too. And one brainy chick. Geek girls are more and more into this kind of stuff. And yes, it sure is a question of personal interest which I don't think is defined by any biological markers. Girls are as smart and have as much analytic mind as boys. But some of us like shiny things so we get distracted.

I did see a shiny penny. Got distracted on cue (way to go eh?). Then the topic switched to girl talk and how she got her name.

Freyja Brim: And someday, when you write your autobiography, there should be one whole page devoted to explaining why such a lovely face has an incredibly hard ass name.

CodeBastard Redgrave: Hahahahaha!  I can do better than that, wait.

And here are some snippets on her blog article explaining the whole shebang. Turned out I wasn't very original with the question about her name, after all:

"First, everyone knows I’m a programmer. Hence the “Code”. 

But so indelicate! Why such rudeness? Well first, fuck off. Yes this name has been chosen to fend off superficial, inane, insipid minds. Don’t like the name? Don’t talk to me. Also it is quite asexual, I thought I would get less harassment and dick heads if I chose a name that was something other than Lollipop Sucka (okay okay I’m pushing it). And maby some people would hold me in respect, taking me for something else than a hooker or just a fine piece of ass (which I am, really).

It was my mischievous hacker nick before I went into SL. So I searched for last names. I love red, it has always been my favorite color, even since I am a kid. And “grave” sounds so edgy and tough. Sounds like a blood covered tombstone. OK I will take it. So it is quite naturally that Code Red went in mind.

CodeBastard Redgrave. Wow, sounds awesome. And I was born. The looks and booty followed."

Freyja Brim: Ok. The most that I got is this burning desire to call myself Lollipop Sucka. And let it be known to all that I will personally call you Basti. It's uber cool without losing your claim to complexity and granite aversion to being fawned by retards.

CodeBastard Redgrave: Hahahahahahaha! *chokes on my martini and dies* Basti.. yeah i like it

Freyja Brim: Me, I prefer to be called Harlot. But only after 6pm.

And that was how I'd like to conclude this wonderful tete-a-tete with the fabulous BASTI. I would really love to put in the whole transcript in here but the rest are mostly girlish gabbing which would probably take up the whole page. I found out she's French Canadian and that she has very high tolerance for my ultra bright facelight which I totally forgot to take off after I took some pictures prior to the interview. Yes, I was properly mortified but she gracefully declined my offer to shoulder her lasik treatment.

Please take the time to visit BOUDOIR ROUGE POSES and MECHANIZEDLIFE. Both are worth checking out and I can personally vouch that you will enjoy what she has to offer.

FOOTNOTES: The outfit I was wearing in the picture is from the Lucky Chair at ELATE! where I also got the tiny top hat. The bracelet is a dollarbie from DONNA FLORA.

How often do you find yourself getting lucky in SecondLife? And by lucky, I don't mean to imply the joys of pose balls and pixelated acrobatics on a sex bed.

What I meant was, in this huge grid full of people aspiring to hone their fastidious affectations (myself included), it is such a refreshing change to come across a person who is totally devoid of self-righteous importance despite her monumental achievements. 

The metaversal universe took pity on my pathetic boredom and threw an amazing opportunity at me to meet his uber cool and self proclaimed geek chick. She has invented the FilterCam in SecondLife which is one dream gadget for both photographers and videographers alike. She is also a master in the field of scripting and is the sexy proprietress of BOUDOIR ROUGE POSES

So, it's just fitting that I mark this day as a proud moment for The Bargain Bin as CODEBASTARD REDGRAVE agreed to be part of my little corner in cyber space. CODIE to her friends but in my sterling moment of audacity, I told her I have christened her with a new name, BASTI. From here onwards folks, we will call her that. 

[13:47]  Freyja Brim: Very nice to finally "meet" you!

[13:48]  CodeBastard Redgrave: *Grins

[13:48]  CodeBastard Redgrave: Well, very nice to meet such an uber fan girl, too!

[13:48]  Freyja Brim: Sorry i couldn't bring my placard.

And that was how the ambush interview started. Off to a roaring flurry of keyboard sounds as I tried to maintain my composure and prayed that I would not gush too much about how delirious I was to have met her.

[13:54]  Freyja Brim: So, what is it that you do in SL besides spreading your genius with the camera?

[13:54]  CodeBastard Redgrave: Well, you already know about the Photography/Machinima part

[13:54]  Freyja Brim: And the poses

[13:55]  CodeBastard Redgrave: I mostly spend a lot of time creating clever gadgets to try and improve people's life in-world and I'm also a scripter. Recently, I acquired MECHANIZEDLIFE and their current range of products, so that makes me the proud owner of one of the most extensive scripted product catalog in SL.

[13:57]  Freyja Brim: That sounds so important when I put it alongside my profession .. "Shopper and Occassional Blogger".

[13:58]  CodeBastard Redgrave: Hey, it takes everything to make a world. If you weren't a shopaholic, I would go bankrupt.

[13:58]  Freyja Brim: LOL... true that!  *fluffs hair* But it takes a lot of patience to make/do scripts. Much less, invent a gadget! And excuse the double standard but this is usually a man's turf because women just don't have enough patience and analytical prowess for stuff like that.

OK. WAIT!! Stop throwing rotten tomatoes at me, ladies! It was a personal opinion which does not reflect universal truth, ok?! It really only reflects me. Teehee. Now back to regular programming.

And at this point, she had to go AFK for a bit to get a glass of water. And I was thinking.. uh oh, maybe I offended her with my comment about women not being at par with the opposite gender?

Also, I'm doing this by series because I fully understand that the world today is afflicted with this notorious case of Attention Deficit Disorder. So until next time, darlings. Stay tuned for more!

The Random Conclusion

All good things must come to an end. As as much as I  have enjoyed hopping from one store to another, getting cross-eyed camming and barely surviving the lag, I'm done sifting through all the goodies from The Most Random Hunt Ever. As I conclude this episode, I want to leave you with some last minute shtuff you might like:

HIP FLASK: Part of KittyKat's Kreations
EARRINGS: Piddidle

And nobody can pull off Goth better than the delicious HEIDI H. I stalked her while she was at work and waited until she gets off so I could do this shoot with her and Tree. The result was, as always, fantastic. 

HEIDI'S StyleCard:

Current freebie:

DRESS: Skull & hearts Sweater Dress by Crush Factory (Random Hunt Freebie)

Previous Freebies/ Bargains/ Hunt Gifties

HAIR: Cruella by Deadkitties


SKIN: eclipse_01 tan by [42]

NECKLACE: Diamonds & Pearls Cross Necklace by Caroline's Jewelry

BRACELETS: Bone bracelets black by [NC+]

RING (right hand): Awesome Sauce

SHOES: VanZ Grey Skull by C.E. Design

Not free:

RING (left hand): Yabusaka

The goddess of gestures, TRANTRYSS MUIRCASTLE (a.k.a. Tree) , went shopping and astounded me with this ethereal number. She swished and sashayed all over the place I had to take pictures and feature this outfit so you good people would know where to go the next time you need to get something truly spectacular.

OUTFIT: Bare Rose: Ceres 

(Outfit includes anklets and bracelet)

HAIR: Dernier Cri Kattiva - Past Valentine Group Gift 

SKIN: Rockberry Random Hunt Skin #2

RING: Leezu Baxter White Flower 

This sexy silvery number ironically came from a store called 4EVA GUTTA and it was begging for the Mesh Leggings I got from THE CLOSET. I'd say this is a pretty posh ensemble regardless of what gutter it came from.

Oooo, this outfit is one of my most favorite of all and it was aptly given by PR!TTY

This last outfit might be The Random Hunt's tribute to St. Patrick's Day and I thought it wasn't such a bad one. Top and pants are from ELLE and the cute flats are from PRETTIES BY JB

Here's a slew of goodies from the Random Hunt. It only goes to show that tenacity has its way of winning over the frustratingly slow cyber highway.

The lovely jewelry set including that charming hair ornament is from 

From your left would be the tank top and shorts from LITTLE FISH (socks and jacket not shown in picture). The right  hand side features the white tee from YOUR MAJESTY which I combined with the colorful skirt from SO MANY STYLES

This lovely dress is from INGA WIND called Heather and the outfit comes with a nice pair of shoes to match. Cupcake was an opening gift from ELATE!

Left most and middle shirts from WHIMSY and the right most tank top was from MINGO.

With a really slow internet connection and SL throwing a major tantrum on me, making this post was like pulling teeth (without anesthesia). Anyway, here goes the next batch of some items I got from the Random Hunt.

OUTFIT including HAT: Likka House

After some major unpacking and exhaustive rummaging in my inventory, I was able to pick out some things I'd like to show you from the Random Hunt. First number reminds me of Sharon Stone (post-surgery and after dousing herself with copious amounts of hair products).

SKIN: Rockberry
OUTFIT: Total Betty 
HAIR: iRollic 


SWIMWEAR: Digit Darkes
SKIN: Rockberry

Random Prelude

Doing the The Most Random Hunt today was a bit of a challenge because some of the flowers (which you have to look for to get the prizes) are sometimes missing or there was an instance where you have to get another LM to a different store for you to find the hunt item. Fortunately, there were numerous people who helped me out, either directly (by shooting me a random IM) or indirectly (this is when I accidentally eavesdrop on people telling each other where the flower is).

On that note, I'd like to mention a few hunters who made this hunt easy for me. 

The first official headache I got was at the Slab Style where it took me a gazillion years to look for the flower only to find out that the initial location didn't have the hunt prize anywhere in that vicinity. You have to scoot over to the back wall and get the LM to their new store. For this one, I have to thank Malice Mauvaise for solving the mystery.

Then there's Harris Emmons who figured out that Bettie's has no flower out yet and we have to go HERE to move on to the next location (I believe this is Skinsane's). 

And finally, there was the Mole Hole. I'm sorry but I'm having another senior moment right now so I can't recall which place this is but when you get to a location where absolutely can't find the blasted flower, try to find a mole hole, use the tp to get underground where you will find the smug hunt prize floating cozily above the water. Tymmerie Thorne was nice enough to end everyone's frustration by letting us know about it so a big thanks goes out to her and her efficient mouse and graphics card.

As always, Ding Fotherington knows where everything is. I swear that girl has the best hunting radar in the whole wide grid so if you ever need help, give her a holler. And don't forget to drop by her SL On The DList (which also happens to be my favorite blog).

Overall, it was a fun  hunt and I'm just about to start opening my loot. If I have time today and if the inclination hits me, I might even blog my favorites.

THE HUNT STARTS HERE where you will find an adorable umbrella. Happy Hunting, folks!!

Wicked Woman

Methinks this looks like gorgeous fury at work. Hence,
this skin from &BEAN is called called The Anger and it
will only be out for 1L at a very, very limited time.

Sunday Mix

TOP: Boom Miami Nights (Old Freebie)
SHOES: Bianca Foulon


"Do you blog by request?"


"I would blog your poses on one condition".


"I don't shag".


"Don't flatter yourself".

 And that's how I met the owner of DIESEL WORKS while I was out on my usual shopping jaunts. And ladies? You should go check him out .. err.. I mean go check out his store (my keyboard has a mind of its own so don't judge me). He's usually there fixing stuff since his shop is fairly new and he's always very accommodating . As a matter of fact, if you have any pose or poses that you want him to make, you might just be able to talk him into it.

And for the nosy ones out there, my condition was for him to have his picture taken so that his store would have a face, and a very goodlooking one at that. We struck a  deal and that is why Rogan Diesel is gracing yours truly's blog today.

Here are samples of his work. Enjoy!

This entry is probably one of the hardest to write because there just aren't enough words to describe these people I'm about to feature today. 

For starters, HEIDI HALBERSDADT and I met a long time ago and I can't even remember how we hooked up (yeah, shame on me and my memory gap). I'm also guilty of perving on myself too much when I'm in-world I hardly look at people's profiles so most of our interactions are always on IMs and I couldn't help but notice her ascerbic wit which would usually be a welcome reprieve to my brain farts. She makes me chuckle. Other times, she makes me LOL (never let it be said I don't go with the times using web speak). Overall, she's a hoot. With a terrific fashion sense bordering on edgy. 

And then there was Blackie. Her partner. Who doesn't have any qualms about shopping with the girls or acting as our mirror (with fashion opinion at that). If Heidi can crack me up, bringing these two together is even worse. Their rapid exchange of hilarious repartee never fails to entertain and sometimes, I have to literally pause for breath after they bombard me with so many riotous dialogues.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.. my post-valentine feature. I can't think of any other love struck couple who fits the bill perfectly because it's obvious they're crazy about each other (but truth be told, I also think they're just plain crazy). Time really flies when you're having fun because they just celebrated their first year anniversary in SL. So here's to more whacky encounters, uncooperative poseballs and many more mushy exchange behind my back ... I'm so glad to have met you both.




Eyes - Freebie from Miriel - Realistic eyes (light blue)

Hair - Greatest Love Hunt gift from HoH - Callie (vanilla cream)

Dress - Greatest Love Hunt gift from Prim & Pixel Paradise - Last Tango in                Brazilian Poppy Red

Jewelry - Vain Kiss Hunt gift from ALB - ALB Fulfillment hermatit set, 

                except ring on left hand, which is 

                Vain Kiss Hunt gift from AR Designs - Rehula (black)



Skin - Nora Entice - Champagne Broken (no longer available, store closed)

Lashes - Icey pussycat lashes

Shoes - Zhao Lovis (black suede)

PS: Blackie likes to defy convention so he refuses to give me his stylecard (he's just saying this because he has no time to look in his inventory. He's too busy honing his domestic skills in RL .. but, you didn't hear that from me!).

Gone Shopping

DENIM SET: Project Kiwi (1L)
BOOTS: Bukka (Lucky Chair)
Thank you for the tp, SURI!
BAG: Courtisane (Opening Gift)
SOCKS: Kuri (10L)
BOLERO: Part of an old Peppermint Freebie

HAIR: Analog Dog
BRACELET: Heidi's Gift from MEZZO

Tuesday Mix

HAIR: Frangipani (Past 50L Sale)
INNER TOP: Staged (1L)
OUTFIT: Double Date from Lemania Indigo
BRACELET: Starlust Motel (0L)
EARRINGS: Flirt (From Past Jewelry Fair Freebie)
SHOES: Maitreya


HAIR: Pretty Boy from VW (First Pic 250L)
HAIR: Group Gift from TekuTeku (Group Gift)
SOCKS, BANGLES & SNEAKERS are part of the
latest Group Gift from Baiastice called Pepto Pink.
PILLOWS: May-Thel Home Designs (1L)

Sunday at the Riviera

I don't know if it's a fluke but RIVIERA COUTURE has
put in the Black Sangallo for 0L and from the notecard
I got, it will be free for 24 hours. I thought that was a
nice way to finish off my weekend. Don't you?

HAIR: Kin (Hair Fair Freebie)
SKIN: Mia Natural D from Rockberry
VEIL: Old Vain Freebie
TINY HAT: KC Flirt Dress Hat

I Love Lucy

SKIN: Lucy from Lazolli (1L)
LINGERIE: Sunny Bikini Box from Lemania Indigo(0L)
HAIR: Fashion Pop from VW

Maestro? Music please.

It's not everyday that you find something totally magnificent around the grid and today, I did. In my quest to find a really nice piano, I wandered around for a while and found my way to SATOKO INSTRUMENTS. As I was hovering over the many pretty things being sold at the store, my letter  came up in one of the 3 lucky chairs and that's how I got this beautiful violin. This baby comes with hud that lets you animate your avatar while music floats around you like a melodious cloud. 

Weekend Hippie

HAIR: W&Y (Free)
TOP: Cute and Q (Free)

A Lovely Mishmash

Have a good weekend!
BLUE TOP: Pink Outfitters Subscribe-O-Matic
BOLERO: Cupcake Halloween Hunt
SKIRT: Gbberish Group Gift


Hmm.. what to do today?

Roam the grid?

Nah. I think I'll just strike a pose.
Peace out!

SKIN: Curio Petal Breeze Sepia2
TOP AND PANTS: Kar'ona Valentine Gift
SNEAKERS: Line Group Gift
MESSENGER BAG: Snatch (Free)

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