Random Prelude

Doing the The Most Random Hunt today was a bit of a challenge because some of the flowers (which you have to look for to get the prizes) are sometimes missing or there was an instance where you have to get another LM to a different store for you to find the hunt item. Fortunately, there were numerous people who helped me out, either directly (by shooting me a random IM) or indirectly (this is when I accidentally eavesdrop on people telling each other where the flower is).

On that note, I'd like to mention a few hunters who made this hunt easy for me. 

The first official headache I got was at the Slab Style where it took me a gazillion years to look for the flower only to find out that the initial location didn't have the hunt prize anywhere in that vicinity. You have to scoot over to the back wall and get the LM to their new store. For this one, I have to thank Malice Mauvaise for solving the mystery.

Then there's Harris Emmons who figured out that Bettie's has no flower out yet and we have to go HERE to move on to the next location (I believe this is Skinsane's). 

And finally, there was the Mole Hole. I'm sorry but I'm having another senior moment right now so I can't recall which place this is but when you get to a location where absolutely can't find the blasted flower, try to find a mole hole, use the tp to get underground where you will find the smug hunt prize floating cozily above the water. Tymmerie Thorne was nice enough to end everyone's frustration by letting us know about it so a big thanks goes out to her and her efficient mouse and graphics card.

As always, Ding Fotherington knows where everything is. I swear that girl has the best hunting radar in the whole wide grid so if you ever need help, give her a holler. And don't forget to drop by her SL On The DList (which also happens to be my favorite blog).

Overall, it was a fun  hunt and I'm just about to start opening my loot. If I have time today and if the inclination hits me, I might even blog my favorites.

THE HUNT STARTS HERE where you will find an adorable umbrella. Happy Hunting, folks!!


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